Online Timesheet Hours Calculator

Custom Time Card Button Widget for Your Website

Auto Credit/Deduct has been updated 1/4/2020. If you use this feature you should update to a new button; the old button will eventually stop working. In any case, all users of the Button Widget should update to the latest button.

  • Customize the settings for others to use through a button widget. [1]
  • Set up a button widget with your own company settings and put it on your website for your employees.
  • The links below are customized with your current settings and the code is ready to be added to a website.

How to modify and get your custom button:

  1. Go to Settings to customize the time card calculator
  2. Review the Time Card Calculator to confirm it is what you want
  3. Come to this page to get your code below. This page will automatically update with your new settings.
    • Test the "Time Card Calculator" button
    • Copy the code and put it on your website or blog. See notes below.
    • You can have your webmaster style the CSS to change the button appearance.
  4. If you need help, you might need the assistance of your webmaster but you can also contact me

The Button below is set for the website defaults.
To customize the Button to your settings you must enable cookies in your browser.
Once you get the code for the Button you can disable your cookies again.

Custom Button

Test your button [2]

Take your button code

Notes for Copying the Code

  • Copy the HTML code from the text box.
    • Click on the "Copy Code to Clipboard" button or
    • Use your mouse (or fingers on a touch screen) to select everything
  • Then, paste this code into your web page where you want the link or button to appear.
    • When you paste the code, be sure your editor is in HTML or CODE mode, rather than DESIGN or WYSIWYG mode, or the button will likely not work.
  • If you need help with setting up links for your time card calculators, contact me


[1] If a user comes to from the button and sets new settings, their new settings will overrule the settings in this button. To undo the new settings they can use the button again to reset their settings to the button code or redo their settings.

[2] If you click on the button it takes you to the time card calculator. If you already had input data that match the current setting then the time card will automatically be populated with that data. Your data is not in the button and will not be shared with others that use the button. Your data comes from your personal browser cookies.